26 Oct 2017


Leave some space in the bookshelf for Archifutures Vol. 4: "Thresholds" where my project SPACE IN TIME got published by DPR-barcelona. It’s a field guide to navigating the future of architecture. How can you navigate towards something when there are no fixed points, when you cannot determine your position? How do you know where to go, or even know when you have got there? This fourth volume in the Archifutures series investigates how architecture, traditionally considered to be a future oriented activity, can best respond as we find ourselves on the threshold of a “post-futurist” condition where the future is not necessarily ahead of us, but everywhere and – perhaps most especially –“now”.

Sophie Lovell, Fiona Shipwright (Ed.): Archifutures. Volume 4: Thresholds. A field guide to navigating the future of architecture, Barcelona 2017, pp. 178 – 181. Image © DPR-barcelona