28 Mar 2019


Since this semester I have a teaching assignment for "Design and Representation" in the master program at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at HfT Stuttgart. The aim of my seminar THE CITY AS FOUND OBJECT – THE OBJECT AS FOUND CITY is to question contemporary production models of architecture and the city, to rediscover them and to stimulate experimentation and speculation. Therefore, the students should initially be inspired by the traces of the existing, everyday and ordinary - "as found" - and thus come to new insights. Following the example of City Metaphors (1982) by O. M. Ungers, the personal examination of everyday objects forms the basis of the further process of design and presentation. By filtering out the respective essence of the object, the subsequent research of analogies and metaphors as well as the formation of chains of association and narrative threads, a design attitude to the object-reference-combination is to be developed.

This somehow feels immensely liberating, because it is about the idiosyncratic disclosure of supposedly unimportant and the gift of making something personally important out of it. It allows a friendly-subversive, perhaps aggressive, questioning of the conventional value structure in order to get to the bottom of things. It is about working with the here and now, with the real and the ordinary, with the tangible and the physical. In the seminar we suggest to follow these footsteps of the existing, in order to recognize the narrative potential and in this way to arrive at new insights and forms.

Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HfT), Faculty of Architecture and Design, Master's Program in Urban Planning, summer 2019. Image: Collection of the examined objects